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Mountain Babes is dedicated to women who love adventuring and exploring mountains.

We want to represent those gnarly, hardcore chicks who know how to get after it and who understand the benefits of climbing the tallest peak. We believe in being all that you can be, and aspire to obtain the toughest challenges. We want women to thrive in the outdoors and appreciate the power of the mountains.

Feel the freedom & Be the Stoke

Our Story

The first "official" mtnbabe pic (we of course understand that hundreds and probably thousands of people got "mtnbabed" before we did, but for all intensive purposes we will start the story with this first "official pic") was taken in 2011 on top of a classic Colorado 14er: Long's Peak. We were initially inspired by the "Buffalo Girls," a group of local Telluridian women who really know how to slay the mountains.  After discussing the current Y generation, we decided that there was a lack of female participation in outdoor recreation. We  decided that chicks these days needed something to inspire them to get off the couch and get outside; thus mtnbabes was born. 

Our Vision

We hope to inspire as many mountain ladies as possible. We would love if we could get mntbabed in every coutnry around the world! But we'll start small and get the US states and Canadian provinces out of the way first. 

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