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Effective as of November 11, 2011

This is meant to cover our bums (no pun intended). 

- The views we have expressed on this blog are personal opinion and all posts are made with good intentions.


- We strive for accuracy, but we cannot promise perfection. We apologize for any information that is inaccurate. Please contact us to inform us of incorrect statements so that we can change them! MtnBabes love to learn! Because of this, information may change without notice.


- All of our material belongs to us (unless otherwise stated). If you would like to use some of our information, contact us and we  will probably let you share the information with just a sentence of credit given to the mountain babes! Otherwise, you are stealing from us.


- Comments that have been posted are the opinions of the writers, and not us. Also, we have the right to delete any comments we do not want on our website.


- By sending in an email with your story and pictures, you are giving us permission to place it on the website. If you don’t want your story shared, you must clarify that in your email.


- We have the right to pick and choose which emails will get posted on our blog. Our decisions depend on the appropriateness of the information and pictures for Mountain Babes Exposed.


- Posts that were sent to us by email have been reviewed, but we do not hold responsibility for the information on these posts. We did not write them, we are just trying to spread information and inspiration.


- Links that we put on our website to other websites should be used at your own risk. We put them on our website to conveniently provide you with information, but we do not hold any responsibility for their content.

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