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Join the mtnbabe wolf pack today. 

The Alpha Wolves (the chicks who started it all)
Top 5 Reasons the Wolf Pack loves MC:

​​1. She’s strong, emotionally and physically. MC makes the best of a situation. When something bad happens, she turns it into inspiration to improve herself and her life. She doesn’t wallow. And physically, hooooollllyyy, she’s taken “athletic” to a whole new level. Her legs have been described as “pistols” because they fire up the mountains like she’s weightless.

2. She doesn’t half-ass ANYTHING. She skis harder than anyone I know. She hikes harder than anyone I know. She studies harder than anyone I know, and to actually learn, not for the grades. And with all that, she still puts every last bit of energy she has into her relationships with people. MC is one of the few remaining 21-year-olds who sends handwritten notes to her friends, and let me tell ya, getting a thank you note from MC is no normal thank you. It is two pages long, with quotes, colorful images pasted on, and pictures.

3. She motivates others. MC's uplifting spirit gets us all outside and trying new things. A lot of the things I’ve done with MC are things I would have just assumed that I couldn’t do if she wasn’t there to tell me I could. I would have made the Black Tusk a two-day trip, but MC was there to assure me that I could do 19 miles (29 km) and 5,700 feet (1740 m) of elevation gain in 8 hours, and she was right.

4. She’s real. MC doesn’t sugar coat anything. Her honesty is refreshing!

5. She spreads the love…. X 100. Maddie gives off love wherever she goes, and in turn, people are drawn to her energy. Her relationships are rich and full of love, even if they occur over thousands of miles.

Top 5 Reasons the Wolf Pack loves BoomBoom


1. She makes mad dinners that feed the wolf pack and essentially get us up all the mountains.


2. She takes life in stride and even though her car has been slowly breaking apart for the last 2 weeks, she still drives us an hour to the trailhead at 6 AM, and when her window refuses to roll up she simply says “Everyone grab your valuables and lets climb this mountain.”


3. BoomBoom believes in her friends as much as she believes in herself. Picture this: its 5 in the morning, BoomBoom went a little crazy the nightbefore and could still possibly be feeling that last glass of wine. Standing her undies she’s attempting to pack for the upcoming trek that I’ve planned. I’m stressing because of an emotional setback, but instead of telling me to chill out, Lindsey drops the backpack she carrying aimlessly around and comes over and give me solid hug. My heartbeat calms and I know everything will be alright because I know she still believes in me.


4. She has a huge heart and her knack for finding heart rocks on the, trail which goes to show that she is always feelin’ the love.


5. Honesty is BoomBoom's second language. She speaks the truth and you can always count on her to tell it like it is.

Top 5 Reasons the Wolf Pack loves PowerWolf


1.  This girl is so much more powerful then she’ll ever know.  Sometimes I just want to grab her by the shoulders look into those crazy blue/grey/green eyes and say, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness,  that frightens us most. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?’ Actually, who are you notto be? There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won’t feel insecure around you. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in all of us. And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others….GET IT. You are awesome.”


 2. She has a unique energy that is refreshingly awkward, but totally confident at the same time. She is a true gem that is unlike anyone I know and will ever know.


 3. She made a wolf pack facebook album where she mimicked all  different types of wolves…with the wolf pack symbol. There were nine total. It was fantastic.


4. She can lip sync the entire Nicki Minaj song Super Bass. Yup it’s pretty impressive.


5. I love her because we share a similar brainwave, yet she is on a completely different planet. I love being so similar, yet so different.

Top 5 Reasons the Wolf Pack loves Banana

1. She is PASSIONATE about climbing. Not all people in life find their passion, but Anna truly LOVES to climb. It's awesome and inspiring. 


2. She has an infectious bubbly personality and within five minutes you already know you want to be friends with her.


3. She's hardcore. She one time carried a rope 55km for an alpine route that we couldn't "complete." She's down for 5AM-heck 4AM wake ups, 5 hour climbing approaches, and multipitch/multisummits. 


4. She's motivated, determined and stoked. All qualities of a true mtnbabe. 


5. She's also game for about anything. From karaoke and shotgunning to river zip lines and bouldering-she'll try it all!

Top 5 Reasons the Wolf Pack loves LocoLobo

1. Hannah is the definition of a free spirit. Enough said.


2. Hannah understands fashion. She knows how to rock an awesome side satchel on a 5 hour hike and when I ask her about climbing in a scarf she just looks at me and says “I like this scarf and I’m wearing it.”


3. Her laugh. Hannah has a distinct laugh that matches her original personality. I love her laugh even in a tent at 2 in the morning.


4. Hardcore Hannah has clambered through some pretty intense Maddie Crowell hikes. Whether it be 500 vertical feet of since (snow and ice), 8 hour expeditions, miles of bushwaking or just endless steep switchbacks, Hannah carries on and is up for it all.


5. She’s the one who finds you at a party sleeping on a roof, and instead of waking you up or leaving you to freeze, she’s the friend who climbs in the sleeping bag with you and spends the night under the stars.

Top 5 Reasons the Wolf Pack loves Kkat

1.  She’s a dog person. No I don’t think you understand the value of that statement. Katherine is a dog person. She has site: Self explanatory.


2. Kkat is a Hessinator.  If you’re from Telluride you know what this means. If you’re not from Telluride this means epic house parties, countless BQQs, random dinner parties, New Year’s ragers, Halloween costume extravaganzas and much much more.


3. Kkat is the friend who picks you up at the airport when you fly in for Christmas….and then you spend 45 minutes trying to find each other when one person is at the West Terminal in front of door 406 and the other is in front of door 406 at the East Terminal.


4.  Kkat is the type to send you one of those jelly, sticky, slappy hands that you throw and grabs things…for your 20th birthday (among other humorous toys).


5.  She’s a constant. Even if we don’t talk for weeks , I know she’ll be there for me. I know she’ll call me back. I know she’d get on a plane and fly 3000 miles if I asked.

Top 5 Reasons the Wolf Pack loves LoneWolf


1. The LoneWolf is not defined by one distinct group. She does however, exert the essence of an independent mountain lady. She’s the one who would wander into the Alaskan wilderness on a self proclaimed journey or sack a solo summit just to stand alone above everyone else.


2.  She is a bread making, cookie baking, jam jarring, salmon catching, tea harvesting enthusiast.  If there is anyone who could to live entirely off the land it would be her.


3. Tiny Secrets: I love the fact that she would probably never tell you that she wants to work on a ranch, that she used to dream about being a vet, and that she is definitely one of the smartest chicas you’ve ever met.


 4. She’s a poet.


 5.  She is the type of girl who can eat only one handful of trail mix and close the bag. She has the most self control and sense of self reliance that I have ever seen. BUT she isn’t afraid to let go and when she does her free spirit runs wild and you never know what to expect!

Top 5 Reasons the Wolf Pack loves AwkyWolf


1.    Her pizza dip probably the best thing I have I’ve eaten. Not even kidding, I think I ate about half the pot.


2.    Of anyone she surprised me as a true mountain lady the most. Who knew this chick was so adept in the mountains. I mean I knew, but I didn’t know know.  I think its safe to say she could survive about any MCIntensity hike plus match it with a harder Canadian version.


3.    She managed to make almost every photo on the Black Tusk sufficiently awkward. But we totally love her for it.


 4.    She is a rare breed who actually listens. She can also be caught most of the time with a perma-smile. I considered her alter ego to be a combo of the quite, wise, and awkward wolf.


5. She’s a go getter. She takes risks. She went and got herself a job a Yoho National Park last summer and she moved to the island of Haida Gwaii for a term. She’s definitely not afraid to step outside her comfort zone and explore life’s opportunities.

Top 5 Reasons the Wolf Pack loves DarkWolf


1.    Number one reason I love the DarkWolf? She is a girl who knows how to make you feel loved. She’s the one whose hugs will brighten your day even in the darkest hour.


2.    She’s the type of friend who shows up at a sushi making party with tuna, 4 avocados, teriyaki chicken, wasabi, pickled ginger, beer, rum, and coca cola. Keener.


3.    She has this East Coast vibe that I love. You can just tell she has this picture perfect home surrounded by giant deciduous trees that turn brilliant colors in the fall, where she wears thick sweaters and drinks tea.


4.   Her tan line puts us all to shame and she has these awesome blue glasses that are to die for.


5. She one time liked 91 photos on my facebook and told me it was because “I needed to feel the love.”

Top 5 Reasons the McIntensity loves her MamaC:

MCIntensity wants to give MamaC a special shoutout here in the wolfpack since she has been on of the first supporters of the mtnbabe movement. *Note later on we are hoping to establish a MtnMama Page where YOU can give shoutouts to your own mtnmamas!


1. She is my solid ground. She is the ying to my yang. She is the flake to my snow. She is the peak to my summit. She is the chocolate in my smore. She is my roots.


 2. She is the only woman I know who would live 22 years in a solar powered house, where you have to drive a snowmobile in and out 3 miles a day, where getting groceries meant driving an hour an half away and who could keep up with the wild man she calls her husband.


3. My Mountain Mama had hip surgery in July. She skied over thirty days that year. She averages over 75. Hardcore, epic, gnarly…I think yes.


4. She is the only one I have ever laughed my hardest with and who I have cried my hardest with.


5.  She is the bravest person I know. Plain and Simple.


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