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MO Update-June

MaddHungry Recipes – A new section by a MTNBABE in Calgary. Features a quick and simple healthy recipe to fuel your adventures. She is always looking for submissions from MTNBABES to feature in this section. Recipe submissions can be made to with the subject line “MaddHungry Submission”.

Flag Fridays – This section is back with a vengeance. MO is all about showing who and what you support via the flying of flags off of summits … a bit like our own take on getting MTNBABE’d except we want wind when we take the snap! MO is always looking for flag submissions, so grab your country or provinces flag and fly that baby when you are at a cool location. Our shop will be opening shortly and you can get your mitts on an official MO flag then! Submit to

Tribe Travels: This section showcases GMTMS (Global Mountain Tribe Members) on their adventures around the world. Whether it is to Yellowstone, like MTNBABE Lindsay B., or to Peru and back, these short photo sections are meant to inspire humanity to see the world. If you have gone on an awesome trip, MO and MTNBABES would love for you to get in touch. The sections are minimal work to create and can really help change the world for the better … one small photo at a time. Email us at for more info on how to put together a TT section.

Tribe Tips: We all have those nifty little tricks and tips that we use to make our time spent outdoors that much more enjoyable. Why keep it to yourself when you can help out the Global Mountain Tribe and make everyone’s explorations a tad easier? Whether it is a site your frequent, a tip for setting up your tent, or an article your never leave home without, let MO know your tribe tip and be entered to win some of our new clothing line. Tips can be tweeted to us, posted on our facebook wall, or emailed to our handsome founder,!


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