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MO Update-September

Rockin’ Ridges – Who doesn’t enjoy a good ridge walk? The views, the hike and the exposure? This recently launched section features Global Mountain Tribe Member’s favourite Ridge Walks from around the globe. Mountain Obsession is always looking for the next sweet Rockin’ Ridge, so submit yours to Each Rockin’ Ridge submitee will receive a #MountainObsession swag pack for taking the time to contribute to the Global Mountain Tribe.

Outdoor Encouragement Excerpts – At Mountain Obsession, we are always looking to inspire individuals in all aspects of their life – both outdoor and life related. That is a big reason why the Mountain Alliance between MTNBABES and Mountain Obsession works! This section features words of wisdom from legendary explorers, as well as Global Mountain Tribe members. A simple Tweet to @mtobsession with your favourite quote, life advice or inspirational thought is always appreciated!

You Might Have a #MountainObsession if … - The concept of this section was actually submitted by a MTNBABE (thanks!!). There has a been an awesome trend of MTNBABES getting involved with Mountain Obsession – we thank you and we LOVE you! This section is soon to be reoccurring and features the quirks in life that the Global Mountain Tribe can related too. Check it out and be sure to post to our facebook group – Mountain Obsession – The Global Mountain Tribe

Mountain Obsession Moment - The Mountain Obsession Moment is where Global Mountain Tribe Members (GMTMs) can showcase their feelings, vantage points and views on video. When you are at a great location and are sufficiently stoked, pull out your GoPro or Phone and record a video. Then upload it to Youtube and send Mountain Obsession the link. Conversely, fire over the video, so it can be featured. Mountain Obsession wants to see you stoked outside. The aim is for your stoke to rub off on other GMTMS and further the Mountain Obsession Mission.

Miss Mountain Obsession – Mountain Obsession partnered with MTNBABES to launch a quarterly search for a beautiful (all of you are!), inspiring and awesome MTNBABE to be featured as Miss Mountain Obsession. This quarter, Vanessas Alejandro was featured after MUCH debate. Check out how to submit your friend or family member:

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